Random Post / Life Update

So this is going to be a catch-everyone-up kind of a post. I drew a couple Twin Peaks portraits. I posted them on Tumblr and one person reblogged them and added the tag of "*Lana Del Rey music playing in the background*". Another person commented that these portraits caused them physical pain. I'm not completely sure what both of those comments mean, but I appreciated them. If you wanna buy some prints you can find the Agent Dale Cooper one here and the Audrey Horne one here.

Uh, so. School's been keeping my very, very busy. I practically live in the art building at Rutgers, but I'm enjoying myself, for the most part. I'm sorta going through a mega-crisis when it comes to my photo class, but that's fairly normal. Also I am very, very poor. Very poor. All I eat is pizza and bagels.

I've been trying to sketch/paint more, so lately I've been doing a drawing a day based off of pictures that I've taken on my iPhone. Above is my most recent one of a couple chatting away in a dirty van that was stopped at a stoplight on George Street.

I went to a Vampire Weekend show after that last Arctic Monkeys show that I had posted about, so maybe eventually I'll make a post about that even though it's been more than a month after the fact. But then again maybe I won't because that was one of the weirdest days of my life and now I have a very rational fear of Port Authority...I'm going back into NYC tomorrow for the first time since that day, so wish me luck.

/Life Update?


  1. i love your art! dale cooper's looking real handsome up there. also pizza & bagels are good, but what about chipotle?! if you are not too poor for chipotle, we should make that happen sometime.

    1. I think I could definitely squeeze in a Chipotle trip sometime! (After my next paycheck, ha.)

    2. i feel you. i'll send you an email soon!



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